(A)   Nothing in this code or the ordinance adopting this code shall be construed to repeal or otherwise affect the validity of any of the following ordinances or resolutions, which are not included herein:
      (1)   Any ordinance or resolution promising or guaranteeing the payment of money for the county or authorizing the issuance of any bonds of the county or any evidence of the county’s indebtedness;
      (2)   Any appropriation ordinance or resolution or ordinance or resolution providing for the levy of taxes or for an annual budget or prescribing salaries for county officers and employees;
      (3)   Any ordinance or resolution granting any franchise, permit or other right;
      (4)   Any ordinance or resolution approving, authorizing or otherwise relating to any contract, agreement, lease, deed or other instrument;
      (5)   Any ordinance or resolution authorizing or otherwise relating to any public improvement project or work;
      (6)   Any ordinance or resolution zoning or rezoning specific property or amending the zoning map; and
      (7)   Any temporary or special ordinance or resolution or ordinance or resolution of limited interest or transitory nature.
   (B)   And all such ordinances and resolutions are hereby recognized as continuing in full force and effect to the same extent as if set out at length herein.
Statutory reference:
   Authority to omit ordinances of the types enumerated above from the code, see G.S. § 153A-49