12-1-2: PURPOSE:
The natural landscape of the Wadsworth area is one of the Village's most valued assets. It is a unique combination of natural and manmade features adapted during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to an agrarian way of life. The second half of the twentieth century has seen the beginning of a process of development and change from a farm community to a low density suburban community. It is the intent of this Title to protect and preserve those features of the natural and agrarian landscape which contribute to the beauty and charm of this Village setting and to regulate new development so that the benefits of a well-landscaped environment are extended to all present and future residents of the Village. Specifically this Title is adopted for the following purposes:
   A.   To protect existing trees and forests and to secure for the residents of Wadsworth the environmental and aesthetic benefits that such trees and forests provide and to require the replacement of such trees and forests which cannot as a practical matter be preserved.
   B.   To further implement the Wadsworth subdivision regulations 1 by establishing standards for the landscaping of new subdivisions and planned unit developments.
   C.   To further implement the natural resource protection and scenic corridor provisions of the Wadsworth Zoning Ordinance 2 by establishing standards for the landscaping of such areas.
   D.   To establish standards and regulations for the landscaping of business and industries.
   E.   To protect the natural habitat of animal species indigenous to Wadsworth environments.
   F.   To establish standards and regulations for preparation of landscape plans, and the installation and maintenance of plant materials.
   G.   To provide for the removal of diseased or unsafe trees and other plant materials, which contribute to unsafe or unhealthy environmental conditions.
   H.   To promote and protect the public health, safety, comfort, convenience, and general welfare of the people of Wadsworth. (Ord. 97-473, 4-1-1997)



1. See Title 11 of this Code.
2. See Title 10 of this Code.