(A)   Upon receipt of the application and payment of the license fee, the City Administrator will, within two regular business days, determine if the application is complete.
   (B)   An application will be considered complete if all required information is provided.
   (C)   If the City Administrator determines the application is incomplete, the City Administrator must inform the applicant of the required, necessary missing information.
   (D)   If the application is complete, the City Administrator will order an investigation, including background checks, to verify the information provided with the application.
   (E)   Within ten regular business days of receiving a complete application the City Administrator must issue the license unless grounds exist for denying the license application under § 111.08, in which case the Administrator must deny the request for a city peddler or transient merchant license.
   (F)   If the City Administrator denies the license application, the applicant will be notified in writing of the decision, the reason for denial and the applicant's right to appeal the denial by requesting, within 20 days of receiving notice of rejection, a public hearing before the City Council.
   (G)   The City Council shall hear the appeal within 20 days of the date of the request for a hearing.
   (H)   The decision of the City Council following the public hearing can be appealed by petitioning the Minnesota Court of Appeals for a writ of certiorari.
(Ord. 225, 3rd Series, passed 9-10-2019)