(A)   An application for a city license to conduct business as a peddler or transient merchant shall be made at least 14 regular business days before the applicant desires to begin conducting business in the city.
   (B)   The application for a license shall be made on a form approved by the City Administrator and available from the City Administrator's office.
   (C)   All applications shall be signed by the applicant.
   (D)   All applications shall include the following information:
      (1)   The applicant's full legal name;
      (2)   Any and all other names under which the applicant has or does conduct business, or to which the applicant will officially answer to;
      (3)   A physical description of the applicant (hair color, eye color, height, weight, any distinguishing marks or features, and the like);
      (4)   Full address of applicant's permanent residence;
      (5)   Telephone number of applicant's permanent residence;
      (6)   Full legal name of any and all business operations owned, managed, or operated by applicant, or for which the applicant is an employee or an agent;
      (7)   Full address of applicant's regular place of business, if any exists;
      (8)   Any and all business-related telephone numbers of the applicant, including cellular phones and facsimile (fax) machines;
      (9)   The type of business for which the applicant is applying for a license;
      (10)   Whether the applicant is applying for an annual or daily license;
      (11)   The dates during which the applicant intends to conduct business. If the applicant is applying for a daily license, the number of days he or she will be conducting business within the city, with a maximum of 14 consecutive days;
      (12)   Any and all addresses and telephone numbers where the applicant can be reached while conducting business within the city, including the location where a transient merchant intends to set up his or her business;
      (13)   A statement as to whether or not the applicant has been convicted within the last five years of any felony, gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor for violating any state or federal statute or any local ordinance, other than minor traffic offenses;
      (14)   A list of the three most recent locations where the applicant has conducted business as a peddler or transient merchant;
      (15)   Proof of any required county license;
      (16)   Written permission of the property owner or the property owner's agent for any location to be used by a transient merchant;
      (17)   A general description of the items to be sold or services to be provided;
      (18)   Any and all additional information as may be deemed necessary by the City Council;
      (19)   The applicant's driver's license number or other acceptable form of identification; and
      (20)   The license plate number, registration information, vehicle identification number (VIN) and physical description for any vehicle to be used in conjunction with the licensed business operation.
(Ord. 225, 3rd Series, passed 9-10-2019)