(A)   A Hen Advisory Board consisting of six members shall be formed, including a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. The Board shall meet on a regular basis and keep minutes which shall be submitted along with quarterly reports to the Liaison for Borough Council. These reports will include any activities of the Board, as well as any complaints and resolutions from residents concerning backyard hens.
   (B)   If a complaint is received by the Borough, it will be forwarded to the Hen Advisory Board for investigation by two members of the Board. If the Board finds a violation of the regulations, solutions will be discussed with the offending resident to allow them to meet the requirements of the program as soon as possible. However, if after 30 days the violation has been remedied, the Council liaison will be notified so that enforcement proceedings can be implemented.
   (C)   In lieu thereof, the Voorhees Township Environmental Commission shall be charged with the responsibilities set forth hereunder.
(Ord. 366-20, passed 7-13-20)