Participant shall comply with the following regulations and conditions for keeping and housing of hens:
   (A)   The coop shall be suitable in size to house the number of hens subject to this program.
   (B)   The coop shall be dry and well ventilated with windows to admit sunlight.
   (C)   The coop must be kept clean.
   (D)   The coop and enclosed run must be made predator-proof.
   (E)   Clean water must be provided, and food must he kept tightly closed in a metal container away from the coop and run at night.
   (F)   The yard in the area where the coop is located shall be clean and free from odors.
   (G)   Waste will be handled by the participant to prevent offensive odors or disposed in an environmentally friendly manner.
   (H)   There shall be no selling of eggs.
(Ord. 366-20, passed 7-13-20)