(A)   The members of the Advisory Board shall be appointed by the Mayor and shall total no less than seven members who shall satisfy the criteria set forth in this chapter.
   (B)   The term of each Board member shall be for a period of two years and shall be staggered such that no less than three nor more than four of the terms shall expire in any given year. The Mayor may appoint up to four members for a longer term in order to achieve the intent of this section; provided that such terms are only as long as is necessary to establish the staggered terms contemplated herein. Once the staggered terms have been achieved, the maximum two-year term shall be imposed for as long as this chapter is in effect.
   (C)   Advisory Board members shall serve no more than three consecutive terms, and after at least a one-year hiatus, may serve for a maximum of three additional consecutive terms.
   (D)   A member of the Advisory Board may resign but such resignation shall not be effective unless it is provided in a written notice to the governing body. The Mayor may remove any member of the Advisory Board upon 30 days’ written notice to the member to be removed, a copy of which notice also shall be sent to the chairperson and secretary of the Board. The removal shall become effective on the thirty-third day after such notice is placed in the mail or 30 days from the date such notice is hand-delivered and/or personally served upon the member that is to be removed.
   (E)   The Mayor shall appoint a new member to fill any unexpired term of a vacant seat created by resignation or removal pursuant to this section; provided that if the unexpired term will expire less than 90 days after the acceptance of resignation or effective date of removal as determined pursuant to division (D) above, the Mayor may elect to wait to appoint a new member until the expiration date of the unexpired term.
(Ord. 325-18, passed 5-29-18)