When the Township Committee shall decide, in its discretion, to award an available license, it shall expose the license to auction in accordance with the provisions of N.J.S.A. Title 33 and the regulations of the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage-Control. The Township Committee may set a minimum bid amount, establish terms and conditions for the award of the bid and shall reserve the right to reject all bids. All bidders shall pre-qualify, in the manner specified by the Township Committee, prior to the submission of bids. In addition to whatever requirements the Township Committee shall impose, the prospective bidders, as part of the pre-qualification process, shall submit proof of financial ability to undertake the purchase of the license and the contemplated project; information regarding the type, size and special features of the contemplated licensed premises and records of past alcoholic beverage control violations involving the prospective bidder or bidder’s principals, i.e., owners of more than a 10% equity or debt interest. Furthermore, prospective bidders are required to fulfill any and all requirements of the Police Department and shall supply any and all information requested by the Police Department as part of the Township’s pre-qualification process. Failure to do so may, at the discretion of the Township, result in a prospective bidder being found unqualified to bid.
(Ord. 3-01, passed 2-26-01; Am. Ord. 142-09, passed 3-9-09)