(A)   The purpose and intent of this chapter is to assist law enforcement officials and victims of crime in recovering stolen precious metals, gems, gemstones and/or other articles by requiring minimum reporting, maintenance and distribution criteria for secondhand and transient dealers.
   (B)   No person shall use, exercise or carry on the business, trade or occupation of buying scrap gold, old gold, silver, jewelry, home electronics/audio and visual equipment, musical instruments, telephones and telephonic equipment, scales, computers, computer hardware and software, typewriters, word processors, scanners, sporting goods of all kinds, antiques, platinum, all other precious metals, tools of all kinds, televisions, DVRs, GPS, camcorders, car stereos, gift cards, furniture, clothing or other valuable articles, hereinafter referred to as secondhand goods or articles, or being a secondhand dealer within the township without having first obtained a license from the township police as hereinafter provided.
(Ord. 238-13, passed 10-14-13)