(A)   The Treasurer is hereby authorized to sign checks drawn in favor of the payroll account and shall draw checks on the account to the officers, employees and agencies entitled to payment therefrom after written certification of the amounts due by the department head, administrator or supervising employee and in accordance with this subchapter.
   (B)   At each regular meeting of the governing body, the Treasurer shall submit for approval or ratification, as the case may be, the amount due the officers, employees and agencies for compensation or payment. The payroll shall be considered by the governing body in due course and approved or ratified to be correct and signed by the Mayor and Clerk.
   (C)   In case of error or adjustment in the payroll, the Treasurer shall, and it shall be his duty to, see that such error or adjustment is properly corrected and appropriate record made thereof.
('74 Code, § 15-2) (Ord. passed 1-12-67)