A.   Filling Excavations; Repairing Streets:
      1.   Any person making or causing to be made any excavation or ditch for any purpose in any street, alley, avenue or sidewalk by permission from the proper authority or under the ordinances of the city shall, without unnecessary delay, cause the same to be filled up to the proper level of the street, alley or sidewalk.
      2.   Any person taking up or removing any paved street, alley or sidewalk or any bridge or culvert for any purpose or injuring the same shall, without delay, cause the same to be repaired and placed in the same condition as before the break or injury thereof. (1925 Code § 32-5; amd. 2009 Code)
   B.   Unprotected Excavations: No contractor, officer or any other person making any excavation in any street, alley or sidewalk of the city shall leave the same open and unprotected during the night or daytime without lights, temporary fence or other good and sufficient protection so as to endanger the safety of persons or animals passing by from being injured. (1925 Code § 32-6; amd. 2009 Code)