A.   The city, by its streets, alleys and lights committee, will determine when it is necessary, proper and will be a benefit to the general public as well as to adjoining property owners for drainage of surface waters to construct along any of its streets a curb, gutter or both.
   B.   No person, as owner of property adjoining any street in the city, shall be permitted to construct or repair any curbs or gutters without having first obtained permission from the streets, alleys and lights committee, and executing an agreement with said committee as to cost of said construction or repairs. Furthermore, such construction must be made in accordance with the directions and specifications of said committee, and the work, when completed, must be satisfactory before the city will be obligated to pay any part of said costs.
   C.   The provisions of this section shall in no way affect the levy of a special assessment to pay for the costs of construction of curbs or gutters, or both, as provided by the statutes of the state. (Ord., 8-2-1965; amd. 1981 Code)