A.   Grade: All sidewalks constructed in the city shall be upon a grade prescribed by the committee on streets, alleys and lights and under the supervision of the public works director. (1925 Code § 32-1; amd. 2009 Code)
   B.   Construction Requirements And Costs:
      1.   It shall be lawful for any person owning any lot or lots in the city, along which the city has or may hereafter order any sidewalk built and the grade, slope and width of such walk having been established by the city, to build said sidewalk of good first class concrete consisting of a mixture of necessary materials in accordance with the specifications provided by the city.
      2.   Said property owner or owners shall do all of the grading at their expense and pay for all of the labor costs involved in the construction of the sidewalk. The city will pay for all of the materials or ingredients necessary to make the concrete.
      3.   The dirt shall be removed and placed on the streets or alleys as directed by the city streets, alleys and lights committee, and no dirt will be allowed to be removed and used for private purposes. Where there is a scarcity of dirt to complete the grade, application shall be made to the streets, alleys and lights committee, which will designate where and in what manner same may be obtained to complete the grade.
      4.   If any person shall refuse or neglect to finish the grade to the satisfaction of the streets, alleys and lights committee within thirty (30) days after such walk is completed, the city will complete the grade and charge the expense of the same to the property owner; or the city may require a cash deposit of an amount of money reasonably necessary to cover the expenses of all grading to be made before construction work is begun for a sidewalk. (Ord., 8-2-1965; amd. 1981 Code)
   C.   Incline Ratio: All sidewalks shall have an incline toward the gutter or street of one inch (1") in four feet (4') (1:4) and shall be built of such material and in such a manner as the city council shall direct; provided, that no walk shall be constructed within the fire limits of the city of material other than ready mix cement or batch mix five to one (5:1) ratio. (1925 Code § 32-7; amd. 1981 Code)
   D.   Openings In Sidewalks: Every aperture or opening in any sidewalk over any vault or coal hole shall be covered with a substantial iron grate or plate with a rough surface. No steps, platform or other fixture shall extend into or upon any sidewalk in the city, and no open cellar or basement way shall be permitted in any sidewalk or alley. (1925 Code § 32-8)
   E.   Dangerous Sidewalks:
      1.   Removal: Whenever it shall be brought to the notice of the committee on streets, alleys and lights that any neglected or dilapidated sidewalks have become dangerous to the public safety, said committee shall order the public works director to immediately remove the same. The director shall report his actions to the city council at its next regular meeting. (1925 Code § 32-3; amd. 2009 Code)
      2.   Repair And Replacement: The city shall undertake a program of sidewalk repair under the following terms and conditions:
         a.   When, in the discretion of the mayor and the public works director, it is determined that an existing sidewalk is dangerous and in need of repair, the city may repair such sidewalk at no cost to the abutting property owner.
         b.   The city shall not bear the cost of repair to sidewalks which are damaged by an abutting property owner or other person, and may repair or replace such sidewalk and direct the party responsible for the damage to make full payment therefor.
         c.   If a sidewalk is deteriorated to the point that it may not be repaired and must be replaced, the city may, in its discretion under the procedures above described for sidewalk repair, replace the sidewalk and direct the abutting property owner to pay for one-half (1/2) of the cost of construction of said new sidewalk.
         d.   If a property owner wishes repairs to be made to a sidewalk fronting his property or to replace such sidewalk, and in the discretion of the city, such repair or replacement is not necessary, or to install a sidewalk where none exists, such property owner may have the city undertake such repairs or replacement, and such property owner shall bear the entire cost thereof. (Ord., 9-8-1981)