CURB: Applies to the boundaries of a "street", as defined in this section.
DRIVER: Applies to the rider, driver or leader of a horse and a person who pushes, draws, propels or operates or who is in charge of a vehicle.
HORSE: Applies to any draft animal or beast of burden.
PARK, PARKED AND PARKING: Refers to any vehicle waiting or standing in any street or alley except when such vehicle is waiting in compliance with the direction of a traffic officer or to meet others driving emergency vehicles.
STREET: Applies to that part of the public highway intended for vehicles.
STREET INTERSECTION: Applies to any street which joins another at an angle, whether or not it crosses the other street.
VEHICLE: Applies to a horse, motor vehicle, motorcycle and to any conveyance. (1925 Code § 35-26; amd. 2009 Code)