A.   It shall be the duty of all members of the police force to obtain information and provide said information to the city regarding each house or other place within the city where games, devices or tables, roulette wheels, slot machines or other instruments or things for the purpose of gaming are or may be set up, kept or maintained; and said police officers shall take all lawful means to suppress and prevent the playing at the tables, games or devices aforesaid, and for this purpose, when and as often as any one of them shall have reasonable cause to suspect that any such table, game or device is set up, kept or maintained as aforesaid, shall forthwith make complaint thereof before the proper court and obtain a warrant authorizing him to enter any such house or place or any room within the same, and said police officer shall thereupon have authority to demand entrance thereto. If such officer is refused entry, any person so refusing or neglecting to open the door or entrance to such house or any room within the same, upon application of any police officer having such warrant, shall forfeit and pay a fine as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code. (1925 Code § 30-19; amd. 1981 Code; 2009 Code)
   B.   It is hereby made the duty of all police officers to seize any table, roulette wheel, slot machine, instrument, device or thing used for the purpose of gaming, and all such tables, instruments, devices or things shall be destroyed. Any person obstructing or resisting any member of the police force in the performance of any act of this subsection shall be subject to a fine as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code for each offense. (1925 Code § 30-20; amd. 2009 Code)