A.   The several members of the police force, when on active duty, shall devote their entire time to the proper discharge of the duties of their office according to the rules and ordinances of the city and the rules and regulations of the police department and shall be subject to call at any time. They shall be regular and prompt in the discharge of their duties and shall obey all orders of their superiors, and it shall be their special duty to preserve order, peace and quiet and to enforce the ordinances of the city. (1925 Code § 30-14)
   B.   The police officers of the city shall be civil and respectful to the public and, upon all occasions, perform their duties with good temper and discretion and shall not at any time, while upon duty, make use of violent, threatening or abusive language, and no member shall communicate to any person any information which may lead to the escape from arrest or punishment of any person accused of a crime or the violation of any ordinance of the city. (1925 Code § 30-22)