A.   Appointment And Term: The chief of police shall be appointed by the mayor, by and with the approval of the city council, at the regular meeting in the month of May, or as soon thereafter as may be, and monthly thereafter. He shall hold his office for the term of one year and until his successor shall be appointed and qualified. (1925 Code § 30-2; amd. 1981 Code; 2009 Code)
   B.   Duties: The chief of police shall:
      1.   Management Of Department: Have the management and control of the police department of the city, subject to the mayor and the rules and regulations prescribed by the city council. He shall oversee and direct all police officers under him, assigning to each beats and districts and their respective hours for service and prescribe such duties as he shall see fit. He shall, in no case, absent himself from the city without notifying the mayor of his intended absence when the same is practicable. (1925 Code § 30-3; amd. 1981 Code)
      2.   Preserve Peace: Devote his whole time to the municipal affairs of the city, to preserve peace, order and safety and the cleanliness thereof, and to this end, shall execute and enforce all rules and ordinances of the city council and the orders of the mayor. (1925 Code § 30-4; amd. 1981 Code)
      3.   Attend Fires; Abate Nuisances: Be charged with the duty of protecting the rights of persons and property and providing proper police protection at every fire. He shall also take notice of all nuisances and take proper steps to abate the same. He shall cause to be removed all impediments and obstructions in the streets, alleys and public places of the city. (1925 Code § 30-5)
      4.   Attend Council Meetings; Issue Processes: Attend all meetings of the city council and execute all warrants or other legal processes and all orders required to be executed by him under any ordinance of the city. (1925 Code § 30-6; amd. 2009 Code)
      5.   Report Derelict Members; Suspension: Report to the mayor any member of the police force who may be guilty of drunkenness, neglect of duty, disobedience of orders or violation of the standing rules and regulations of the police department, and during the pendency of any formal charges against any police officer, the police chief may, with the consent of the mayor, suspend such officer from duty until such charges may be investigated. (1925 Code § 30-7; amd. 1981 Code)
      6.   Notify City Attorney Of Suits: Notify or cause to be notified the city attorney of any suits instituted by him or through his department, wherein the interest of the city may require the presence of the city attorney at the trial thereof. (1925 Code § 30-8; amd. 1981 Code)
      7.   Keep Records: Keep or cause to be kept books of record of the police department of all persons arrested or committed by the police officers, showing the time and place of each arrest, the offense for which the same was made, the court of record before which said proceeding was tried and the disposition of such case. (1925 Code § 30-9; amd. 1981 Code)
   C.   Salary: The chief of police shall receive a monthly salary, to be paid in monthly installments, as decided upon by the city council for a full time police chief. (1925 Code § 30-10; amd. 1981 Code)