A permit may be issued to holders of class A liquor licenses for an outdoor area commonly known as a "beer garden", provided the following restrictions and conditions are met:
   A.   Application For Permit; Fee And Term: The licensee submits a completed application for the permit, together with a nonrefundable fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00). If approved by the local liquor commissioner, the permit shall have a term of one year commencing on July 1 and expiring on June 30 of each year. If granted subsequent to July 1 in any given year, the permit shall expire on June 30 after issuance.
   B.   Fencing: The outdoor area is enclosed by a permanent fence or wall no less than six feet (6') in height which obstructs viewing into and out of the outdoor area; provided, however, that said fence shall not obstruct any public or private accessways.
   C.   Access And Exits: No access to the outdoor area of the licensed premises shall be permitted except through the permanent structure of the licensed premises. Emergency exits, as required, shall be provided.
   D.   Size: The outdoor area shall not be greater than fifty percent (50%) of the gross floor area of the adjoining licensed premises.
   E.   Sound Amplification Prohibited: Amplified sound or music is not allowed in a outdoor area.
   F.   Compliance With Laws; Revocation Of Permit: The licensee shall comply with any laws or restrictions related to or affecting the construction, maintenance and use of the outdoor area as set forth in this code and under Illinois law. Violation of such laws or restrictions as determined by the local liquor commissioner shall be grounds for the immediate revocation of the licensee's permit. (Ord. 07-08, 8-13-2007)