A.   Minimum Requirements: In their interpretation and application, the provisions of this title shall be held to be the minimum requirements for the promotion of the public health, safety, morals and welfare.
   B.   Conflicting Provisions: Where the conditions imposed by any provision of this title upon the use of land or buildings or upon the bulk of buildings are either more restrictive or less restrictive than comparable conditions imposed by any other provision of this title, or any other law, ordinance, resolution, rule or regulation of any kind, the regulations which are more restrictive (or which impose higher standards or requirements) shall govern.
   C.   Effect On Easements Or Covenants: This title is not intended to abrogate any easement, covenant or any other private agreement; provided, that where the regulations of this title are more restrictive (or impose higher standards or requirements) than such easements, covenants, or other private agreements, the requirements of this title shall govern.
   D.   Severability: If any section, clause, provision or portion of this title is adjudged unconstitutional or invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remainder of this title shall not be affected thereby. (Ord., 4-1-1973)