A.   Unsafe Conditions: Whenever, in the opinion of the fire chief, any stove, fireplace or other appurtenance for the conducting of smoke or heat from any place may be in such a state as to render the keeping of fire therein unsafe, he is required to order the occupants of the building in which the same may be connected to discontinue the making of fire therein, and to make all necessary and proper repairs to render the keeping of fire therein safe in the opinion of the fire chief or the person inspecting the same; and if any person shall make a fire therein and neglect to make such necessary repairs, after being ordered so to do as aforesaid, the occupant of any such building shall forfeit and pay the sum of ten dollars ($10.00) for every twenty four (24) hours the same may remain without such repairs being made and used as aforesaid. Provided, however, that any person feeling himself aggrieved by the decision of or order of the fire chief or person making the inspection, as the case may be, may appeal therefrom to the city council at its first meeting after such notice as aforesaid; but in all cases, the order of the fire chief or the person making the inspection to discontinue the making of fire therein shall be complied with until the final decision of the city council on such appeal. (1925 Code § 20-1; amd. 1981 Code)
   B.   Stovepipes Secured:
      1.   All stovepipes shall be securely put up so as not to be in danger of falling and shall lead and be closely fitted into closed brick or stone flue or chimney. If any stovepipe shall lead otherwise than into a chimney or flue, it shall be separated at least three inches (3") from any wood or other combustible material by a double circle of tin, zinc or sheet iron connected together with like metal with air holes through the connecting metal between the pipe and wood.
      2.   All stoves put up or used without aprons or hearths shall be placed on a platform of brick, zinc or other incombustible material extending far enough around the same to prevent the fire from falling upon the floor; and if set within eighteen inches (18") of the woodwork of any wall, the walls shall be protected with a zinc or other incombustible covering so as to effectually prevent the taking of fire from the stove. (1925 Code § 20-4)
   C.   Required In Wood Buildings: No person shall build, make or kindle, or cause to be built, made or kindled, any fire in any frame, plank or other temporary shed of lumber, or house made of lumber, without having a chimney stove or vault in which to build, make or kindle such fire. (1925 Code § 20-6)