A.   Services Established:
      1.   The city fire department is authorized to provide fire protection services of every kind, nature and circumstance to persons who may from time to time subscribe to said fire protection services from the city upon terms and conditions as may be from time to time set forth by the city council.
      2.   The fire department is expressly authorized to cooperate with neighboring communities to the city in fire protection efforts when called for assistance by said neighboring communities. (Ord., 3-5-1984)
   B.   Fees:
      1.   There shall be a subscription fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) per property annually for fire service outside the corporate limits of the city which will be due the city on or before May 31 of each calendar year. There shall also be a seven hundred fifty dollar ($750.00) fee each time the fire department fights fire or related services on any subscriber's property outside the corporate city limits. In addition to paying the annual subscription fee, any subscriber must pay the seven hundred fifty dollar ($750.00) fee levied for firefighting or related services within ninety (90) days of the service which was provided in order to be eligible for such rate.
      2.   If an owner of rural property does not pay a subscription fee or if a subscriber does not pay the fee levied for services provided within ninety (90) days of the services being provided, there shall be levied a rural fire fee in the amount of one thousand two hundred fifty dollars ($1,250.00) for firefighting or related services performed by the fire department outside the corporate limits. (Ord. 07-04, 5-14-2007)