A.   Upon taking office and at the regular meeting held on the last Tuesday of June of each year, the fire chief shall appoint such enginemen, laddermen, hosemen, nozzlemen, and hydrantmen, and make such other appointments and prescribe such duties as may be necessary and proper in the organization and effective operation of the fire department during that year.
   B.   The fire chief shall have the control and supervision, subject to the orders and directions of the city council, of the fire department and all fire apparatus and equipment belonging to the city. In case of fire, the fire chief and his assistants, in their order of rank, shall take command at such fire, and the officer highest in rank shall take command of the fire department and direct the management thereof for the suppression of the fire in the best manner possible; and when it may be necessary for the protection of other property to prevent the spread of the conflagration, the officer in command may cause buildings to be removed, torn down or destroyed in the best manner possible. (Ord., 10-23-1937; amd. 1981 Code)