§  11.02  CITY FLAG.
   (A)   There is created, established and adopted the official flag of the city, described as follows:
   The flag shall have a blue field with the insignia of the city in the center of the field. This insignia is designed with a center circle of red and inscribed thereon in white, the letter “V” in old English, representative of the rule of the English Government over Vincennes. Also three fleur-de-lys, one above the “V” and one on each side, slightly below the center of the circle, representative of the rule of the French Government over Vincennes. Around the red center is a blue circular band, and inscribed on this are the words, “Vincennes” (above) “Indiana” (below).
   (B)   Radiating from this band are 19 points, indicating that Indiana was the nineteenth state admitted into the union. These points are divided into two parts from the tip of the point to the circle, one side red and the other side white.
('71 Code, § 2.02)