General Provisions
   91.001   Definitions
   91.002   Provisions are supplemental to state, city, and county laws
   91.003   Schedule of fees for Animal Welfare Department
Animal Care Rules and Regulations
   91.015   Adequate shelter, food, and water to be provided
   91.016   Necessary medical care; provided when needed
   91.017   Enclosures to be kept in sanitary condition
   91.018   Removal of excrement
   91.019   Keeping of large/farm animals
   91.020   Restraint of animals
   91.021   Fastening animals with rope or chain; choker collar
   91.022   Cruelty to animals
   91.023   Animal fights prohibited
   91.024   Prohibited animal events
   91.025   Poisonous bait
   91.026   Abandonment of animals
   91.027   Trapping
   91.028   Public nuisance animals
   91.029   Animals as prizes or inducements; sale of underage animals prohibited
   91.030   Dyeing or staining animals; animals as novelties
   91.031   Injury to animals caused by motor vehicle
   91.032   Animals in vehicles
   91.033   Lost or stray animals
   91.034   Dangerous animals prohibited
   91.035   Biting animals; report; procedure
   91.036   Wild or exotic animals
   91.037   Training methods
   91.038   Destruction of animals
   91.039   Dangerous wild or dangerous exotic animals
   91.040   Feeding of waterfowl prohibited
   91.041   Homeless cats
Registration and Commercial Permits
   91.050   Pet registration required; exception; tags; microchip implant
   91.051   Application for registration or permits
   91.052   Fees
   91.053   Appeal; denial or revocation of permit
   91.054   Major breeder's permit
   91.055   Minor breeder's permit
   91.056   Veterinary hospitals/clinics
   91.057   Grooming shop permit
   91.058   Pet shop permit
   91.059   Circuses, animal concessions and animal event
   91.060   Zoological parks
   91.061   Exception
Dogs and Cats; Specific Requirements
   91.075   Vaccination required; tags
   91.076   Dogs or cats in heat
   91.077   Noisy dogs
   91.078   Sale of puppies and kittens
Destruction of Animals
   91.090   Definition
   91.091   Substances permitted for use
   91.092   Person authorized to destroy animals
   91.093   Assurance of death prior to disposal
   91.094   Funding
Administration and Enforcement
   91.105   Director of Animal Control
   91.106   Interfering with enforcement
   91.107   Impoundment; redemption
   91.108   Inspections
   91.109   Disposition of money
Rental Horses
   91.120   Definitions
   91.121   Permits and administration
   91.122   Housing/stable premises
   91.123   Regulations
   91.124   Excepted from coverage
   91.999   Penalty