§ 150.23  PERMIT FEES.
   (A)   The fees for all permits shall be as follows:
      (1)   Building work: $3 per $1,000 of estimated cost; with minimum fee of $25.
      (2)   Electrical work: 1% of estimated cost; with minimum fee of $25.
      (3)   Plumbing work: 1% of estimated cost; with minimum fee of $25.
      (4)   (a)   Sewer taps: $355 per new tap-in; $350 per replacement tap-in; and $5 for connecting to existing sewer line of the property.
         (b)   New areas where the city installs new sewers:  $1,040. (See      )
      (5)   Structure moving: $200 for the first block or fraction thereof; $1 for each additional block or fraction thereof.
      (6)   Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning: 1% of estimated cost; with minimum fee of $25.
      (7)   Gas piping: 1% of contract amount; with minimum fee of $25.
      (8)   All other piping: 1% of contract amount; with minimum fee of $25.
      (9)   Demolition permit: $50 for residential; $100 for commercial or industrial.
      (10)   Roofing/remodeling: $3 per $1,000 of estimated costs; with minimum fee of $25.
      (11)   Fencing: $25.
      (12)   Swimming pools: in-ground $50; above-ground $25.
   (B)   The minimum fee for any permit shall be $10.
   (C)   In the event that work is started on any construction, repairs, alterations, moving or demolition of structures or buildings before the required permits are obtained, then the cost of that permit shall be two times the fee otherwise provided.
   (D)   The minimum permit fee under divisions (A)(1), (2), (3) and (6) of this section shall be charged for a one- or two-family dwelling constructed solely by students enrolled in a Building Trades Program of an accredited school corporation or university located in the county, on real property owned by the school, corporation or university; provided that this division (D) shall apply to no more than two such one- or two-family dwellings constructed each school year by that school, corporation or university.
   (E)   The fees set out in division (A) hereinabove shall apply to all building permits except permits required by other governmental agencies, such as, Vincennes University, Vincennes School Corporation or Good Samaritan Hospital. The fees for permits required by such governmental agencies shall be an amount equal to $30 per hour for all time spent by any city employee, particularly the City Inspector, City Engineer and Fire Chief, in conducting the inspections required by this code or any applicable ordinance of the city, or state law.
   (F)   Upon making application for a permit under this division, the City Inspector shall estimate the hours anticipated to be spent in conducting the inspections and the applicant shall pay an amount equal to $30 times the estimated hours at which time the permit shall be issued. All city employees engaged in inspection services shall keep a record of the dates and time involved in any inspections. Upon completion of the building project for which the permit is secured, the applicant will be furnished a copy of these records and will either be reimbursed if the estimated time was excessive compared to the actual time spent, or will be billed and pay any additional fee if the actual time to be spent was underestimated.
('71 Code, § 150.09)  (Ord. 29-88, passed 8-9-88; Am. Ord. 13-2008, passed 9-22-08; Am. Ord. 16-2008, passed 10-14-08)