All wiring done in the City of Vincennes, Indiana, shall comply with the requirements of the current National Code (also known as Indiana Electrical Rules and Regulations, Volume II), and shall be installed by a licensed electrician.  No work on new construction including additions, shall be covered until inspected and approved by the City Inspector.  An advance notice of 24 hours prior to an inspection is required.  In the event the Inspector cannot make the requested inspection, the electrical work may be covered if the licensed electrician furnishes the Inspector's Office with a signed affidavit stating that all work was done in conformance with the National Electrical Code.  Nothing contained herein shall be construed to repeat, amend, modify or dispense with any provisions of the state law, but shall be supplemental and additional thereto.  The electrician shall make sure that an electrical installation permit has been obtained prior to commencing any work on the job site.
   (A)   Exceptions.  Branch circuit and control wiring only or heating, ventilating and air conditioning units may be installed by an employee or a recognized heating, ventilating and air conditioning contractor.
(Ord. 23-79, passed 10-9-79; Am. Ord. 4-95, passed 3-13-95)
Cross reference:
   City Inspector in charge of installation of all electrical equipment, see § 37.01