(A)   Tests.  Examination questions will be prepared and graded by an independent testing agency. The testing agency shall be approved by the Vincennes Board of Public Works and Safety.  Tests will be given on the last Wednesday in February, June and October in City Hall at 8:30 a.m.
   (B)   Fees.  The fees for examinations listed herein must accompany the submittal of the applications. In the event the applicant does not show up for the examination on the scheduled date, the fee will be forfeited.
   Master Electrician Examination Fee:      $55
   Journeyman Electrician Examination Fee:   $55
   Residential Wireman Examination Fee:   $55
   License Fees:
   Master Electrician Fee:         $50 per year
   Journeyman Electrician Fee:         $30 per year
   Residential Wireman Fee:         $30 per year
   Apprentice Electrician Fee:         $15 per year
   All electrical licenses shall be issued by the City Inspector and moneys received theretofore shall be accounted for in the same manner as permit collections.
   Old licenses to be exchanged for new licenses and requests for Journeyman Licenses as outlined in § 150.71(A) must be presented within 30 days of the effective date of Ordinance 23-79.  Thirty days after the date of Ordinance 23-79, the old licenses will be invalid and new ones will require passing the applicable examination.
   (C)   Temporary Work Permits.  The fee for the Temporary Work Permit shall be $10 and a Temporary Permit shall be issued for 90 days.
(Ord. 23-79, passed 10-9-79; Am. Ord. 4-95, passed 3-13-95; Am. Ord. 13-2008, passed 9-22-08; Am. Ord. 16-2008, passed 10-14-08)