§ 155.21  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this subchapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ALLEY.  A permanent service way providing a secondary means of access to abutting lands.
   BOARD.  The Board of Public Works and Safety of the city.
   COMMISSION.  The County Area Plan Commission.
   CUL-DE-SAC, COURT or DEAD-END STREET.  A short street having one end open to traffic and being permanently terminated by a vehicle turn-around.
   IMPROVEMENT.  The construction of a street or alley to its full thickness, commencing at the subgrade according to the specifications contained in Chapter 157. The placing of a new surface over an existing paved or closed surface street or alley shall not be considered as an improvement but as maintenance.
   JURISDICTION OF THE COMMISSION or JURISDICTIONAL AREA.  The city and the contiguous unincorporated territory shown on a map filed by the Commission with the County Recorder.
   MASTER PLAN.  The complete plan, or any of its parts, for the development of the city and unincorporated jurisdiction prepared by the Commission and adopted in accordance with Chapter 174, Acts of 1947 of the General Assembly, as is now or may hereafter be in effect.
   PERSON.  A corporation, firm, partnership, association, organization or any other group acting as a unit, as well as a natural person.
   PLACE.  An open, unoccupied, officially designated space other than a street or alley, permanently reserved for use as the principal means of access to abutting property.
   PLAT.  A map or chart indicating the subdivision or resubdivision of land, intended to be filed for record.
   STREET.  A right-of-way, other than an alley, dedicated or otherwise legally established to the public use, usually affording the principal means of access to abutting property. A STREET may be designated as a highway, thoroughfare, parkway, boulevard, road, avenue, lane, drive or other appropriate name.
   STREET, ARTERIAL.  A street designated for large volumes of traffic movement. Certain arterial streets may be classed as limited access highways to which entrances and exits are provided only at controlled intersections and access is denied to abutting properties.
   STREET, FEEDER.  A street planned to facilitate the collection of traffic from residential streets, and to provide circulation within neighborhood areas and convenient ways for traffic to reach arterial streets.
   STREET, RESIDENTIAL.  A street designated primarily to provide access to abutting properties, usually residential. Certain residential streets may be marginal access streets parallel to arterial streets, which provide access to abutting property and ways for traffic to reach access points on arterial streets.
   THOROUGHFARE PLAN.  The part of the Master Plan, now or hereafter adopted which includes a major street and highway plan and sets forth the location, alignment, dimensions, identification and classification of existing and proposed public streets, highways and other thoroughfares.
('71 Code, § 130.01)