The Thoroughfare Plan for the city consists of a map entitled, “Vincennes, Indiana, Major Street and Highway Plan,” dated 1960, Sheet 1 of 3, and a map entitled, “Vincennes, Indiana, Jurisdictional Area, Major Street and Highway Plan,” dated 1960, Sheet 2 of 3, which show the locations of existing and proposed streets by type within the city and in the area outside of the city within the jurisdiction of the County Area Plan Commission, and a drawing entitled, “Typical Thoroughfare Cross Sections, Vincennes, Indiana,” dated 1960, Sheet 3 of 3, which shows cross sections for the various types of streets in the plans.  The thoroughfare plan maps are declared to be a part of this chapter, and notations, references and other details shown therein are as much a part of this chapter as if they were fully described in the text hereof.
('71 Code, § 130.03)