No development in the Special Flood Hazard Area shall create a damaging or potentially damaging increase in flood heights or velocity or threat to public health or safety.
   (A)   Within the floodway identified on the Flood Boundary and Floodway Map or the Flood Insurance Rate Map, or engineering analysis as provided in § 160.06(B)(4), the following standards shall apply:
      (1)   No development shall be allowed which acting alone or in combination with existing or future development, will cause any increase in the elevation of the regulatory flood; and
      (2)   For all projects involving channel modifications or fill (including levees) the city shall submit the data and request that the Federal Emergency Management Agency revise the regulatory flood data.
   (B)   Within all Special Flood Hazard Areas identified as A Zones (no 100 year flood elevation and/or floodway/floodway fringe delineation has been provided) the following standard shall apply:
      (1)   The total cumulative effect of the proposed development, when combined with all other existing and anticipated development, will not increase the regulatory flood elevation more than one-tenth (0.1) of one foot and will not increase flood damages or potential flood damages.
   (C)   Public health standards in all Special Flood Hazard Areas:
      (1)   No development in the Special Flood Hazard Area shall include locating or storing chemicals, explosives, buoyant materials, flammable liquids, pollutants, or other hazardous or toxic materials below the Flood Protection Grade, unless such materials are stored in a floodproofed storage tank or building constructed according to the requirements of § 160.08 of this chapter.
      (2)   New and replacement sanitary sewer lines and on-site waste disposal systems may be permitted providing all manholes or other above ground openings are located above the Flood Protection Grade, or those which are located below the Flood Protection Grade are watertight.
(Ord. 29-1994, passed 10-24-94; Am. Ord. 1-2003, passed 4-14-03)