Abandoned or Junk Motor Vehicles; Household Appliances
1145.01   Definitions.
1145.02   Abandonment of vehicles.
1145.03   Junk vehicles prohibited.
1145.04   Old vehicle tires; abandoned household appliances.
1145.05   Authority to take possession of abandoned vehicles; enforcement; notification  to owner.
1145.06   Notification of vehicle owner  and lien holders.
1145.05   Disposal of unclaimed vehicles.
1145.06   Proceeds from sale.
1145.07   Injunctive relief.
1145.08   Junk on private property  with permission of owner.
1145.99   Penalty.
Authority to eliminate hazards to public safety - see W. Va. Code  8-12-5 (23, 24)
Safety and sanitation - see GEN. OFF. 537.01