Licensing Generally
351.01   Registration, certificate of title required.
351.02   Registration card.
351.03   Display of registration plates.
351.04   Operation of vehicle without evidence of registration; use of temporary facsimile.
351.05   Improper use of registration card, plate or permit.
351.06   Driver or motorcycle license required.
351.07   Persons exempt from license.
351.08   Display of license.
351.09   Certain acts prohibited.
351.10   Driving under suspension or revocation.
351.11   Owner or operator allowing another to drive.
351.12   Use of wireless communication devices while driving by minor’s holding learner’s instructional permits or provisional licenses prohibited.
351.99   Penalty.
Impounding unlicensed vehicle - see TRAF. 303.07
Illumination of license plate - see TRAF. 345.05(c)