(A)   Generally. Except as otherwise provided, an applicant for license shall make and file application in writing with the City Finance Officer on the form prescribed. The application shall contain the information as required by the licensing authority or as provided by ordinance and must show that the applicant is eligible for the license for which application is made. If required, the applicant shall verify the application.
   (B)   Form of application. Unless otherwise provided, an application for license shall state:
      (1)   Name and address of applicant;
      (2)   Trade name, if any, under which license is to be exercised;
      (3)   If a partnership, the name and address of each partner;
      (4)   If a corporation, the name and address of the officers;
      (5)   Place of business or location where the license is to be exercised;
      (6)   Description of the activity to be carried on under the license;
      (7)   Any information as required by ordinance or by the Council showing the applicant is entitled to the license and that he or she is a proper person and the place is a proper place for the exercise thereof; and
      (8)   Any information as required by ordinance as may be necessary for determination of the amount of the license fee.
(1975 Code, § 13-3)
Statutory reference:
   General authority of municipality relative to licenses, see SDCL §§ 9-34-1 et seq.