SECTION IV-6. Administrative Clerk of Boards and Commssions.
   Subject to such regulations as Council may provide, one or more Clerks may be appointed to keep and maintain accurate and complete journals of the proceedings of the various Boards and Commissions established by this Charter or the City's Codified Ordinances and shall perform such other duties as those Boards or Commissions or Codified City Ordinances require. Such Clerks may be nominated by the Mayor with the approval of Council and may be removed by the Mayor with consent of each of the Boards or Commissions in question and the Council. Such Clerk or Clerks for Boards and Commissions may, if consented to by Council, be independent of and not supervised by the Clerk of Council. However, Council shall have the right to require that any such Clerk or Clerks be the Clerk of Council and/or be an assistant to and supervised by the Clerk of Council.
(Amended 11-2-21.)