SECTION III-9. General Ordinances.
   The Council may by ordinance make provision for:
   (a)   The time and place of regular meetings of the Council;
   (b)   The method of calling special meetings of the Council;
   (c)   The form and method of enactment of its ordinances and adoption of its resolutions except that no ordinance or resolution of a general or permanent nature or granting a franchise, creating a right, involving the expenditure of money or the levying of a tax, or for the purchase, lease, sale or transfer of property shall be passed unless it has been read in full on three different days unless the requirement for such reading be dispensed with by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members of Council;
   (d)   The method of giving public notice of the enactment of its ordinances and adoption of its resolutions and of any other of its acts or proceedings which it deems proper to publish;
   (e)   The procedure for making public improvements and levying assessments, including the procedure for combining two or more public improvements, and the levying of assessments therefor, in one proceeding if the Council finds that it will be economical and practical to undertake such improvements jointly;
   (f)   The advertising and awarding of contracts;
   (g)   Such other general regulations as the Council may deem necessary.