Storm Water Illicit Discharge and Illegal Connections
1085.01   Purpose/intent.
1085.02   Definitions.
1085.03   Applicability.
1085.04   Responsibility for administration.
1085.05   Conflicts, severability, nuisances and responsibility.
1085.06   Discharge and connection prohibitions.
1085.07   Suspension of MS4 access.
1085.08   Industrial or construction activity discharges.
1085.09   Monitoring of illicit discharges and illegal connections.
1085.10   Requirement to prevent, control, and reduce storm water pollutants by the use of Best Management Practices.
1085.11   Watercourse protection.
1085.12   Notification of spills.
1085.13   Enforcement.
1085.14   Appeal of notice of violation.
1085.15   Enforcement measures/ associated costs.
1085.16   Injunctive relief.
Storm water management - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 1080