(a)   In the event that any exiting culverts, driveway culverts, or drains along a roadside ditch within the dedicated portion of any public street or thoroughfare or easement for the same in the City become obstructed or blocked as to impede the flow of water, are in disrepair, deemed a safety hazard, are structurally unsound, or do not meet current City Building Code, the Director of Public Service shall notify the owner of the property in which the drain or culvert is situated by certified or registered mail sent to the owner's address for tax mailing purposes of the defective condition and that the owner shall correct it. The owner will be given fifteen days from the date of the mailing of the notice to clean the ditch and will be given a thirty-day period to make the necessary repairs in a manner satisfactory to the Director of Public Service.
   (b)   In the event that the owner refuses or neglects to correct the situation by making necessary repairs or doing the necessary cleaning within the fifteen-day or thirty-day period, the City shall make all necessary repairs and do all necessary cleaning at the City's expense. The total cost of such repairs and cleaning shall be computed by the Director of Public Service. The City shall, after the work is done, serve upon the owner of the lot or parcel of land, by regular United States mail, at his or her last known address, an additional notice to pay the cost of such repairs or cleaning. Such notice shall be accompanied by a statement of the cost incurred in accordance herewith. If the same is not remitted to the City within thirty days after the mailing of such notice, the Finance Director shall certify such cost to the County Auditor.
(Ord. 2009-34. Passed 5-18-09; Ord. 2011-48. Passed 8-1-11.)