The City of Vermilion will determine what procedures, materials, and methods best suit its stormwater needs.  The City may agree to upgrades or modifications of the existing stormwater system requested by property owners, so long as such upgrades or modifications comply with the City’s requirements and are acceptable by the City.  The cost of all upgrades or modifications requested by property owners shall be paid in full by those owners requesting same
(Ord. 2011-20.  Passed 4-18-11).
   In summary, stormwater management code allows for the clean out and restoration of proper function to stormwater systems under the following criteria:
   (a)   The City will restore existing stormwater systems to the last known legally acceptable working condition.
   (b)   Property owners are responsible for alteration done to an existing stormwater system where the alterations do not meet City or State Code, or have caused a restriction, damage to, or otherwise impede the flow and proper function of the stormwater system.
   (c)   The City may determine that properties which were originally part of an open ditch drainage system, will remain so unless the City deems otherwise.  Property owners wishing to modify, upgrade or enclose an existing open ditch system will be responsible for the costs.
   (d)   Properties that were originally part of an enclosed or covered system, will remain closed/covered, unless the City deems otherwise.  Property owners wishing to modify or upgrade an existing closed system will be responsible for the costs.
   (e)   The City will be responsible for parts of the stormwater drainage system that are deemed “community use”, such as outfalls, and road culverts, or any item within the stormwater system that the City deems necessary for the proper function of the overall stormwater drainage system.  This may include some private property improvements at the City’s discretion where oversizing is required for the overall proper function of the system.
   (f)   Any changes or alterations, or work done to an existing stormwater system has to have prior written approval of the City of Vermilion.
   Property owners who need help or additional information about the stormwater system, stormwater management committee or permitted procedures should contact the City of Vermilion at:
City of Vermilion
5511 Liberty Avenue, Vermilion, OH 44089
Phone: (440)204-2400
Fax: (440)204-2411
(Ord. 2011-59.  Passed 9-12-11.)