1043.01 PURPOSE.
   (a)   The purpose of this article is the regulation of the collection and disposal of grease interceptor waste for the protection of the City sanitary sewer system and the environment when the interceptor is installed outside the building on the building sewer. Interceptors installed inside a building are subject to the requirements of Chapter 10 of the Ohio Plumbing Code (OPC), adopted by ordinance 2005-23 as part of the Ohio Building Code.
   (b)   The objective of this ordinance is to reduce the operational and maintenance costs to the City of maintaining the sanitary sewer system by preventing the accumulation of grease within the collection system lines.
   (c)   This ordinance shall apply to the City of Vermilion and to persons outside the City who, by contract, agreement or otherwise with the City, are users of the City's sanitary sewer.
(Ord. 2009-99. Passed 12-7-09.)