(a)    No person, firm, business or corporation shall, alone or in concert with others, do anything to obstruct the normal or emergency operation of a fire hydrant, upon public or private property.
   (b)    As used in this section, "obstruct" shall include, but not be limited to, placing fences or objects around a hydrant, tampering or interfering with the working mechanisms of a hydrant, covering a hydrant in any manner, except with paint when authorized by the Fire Chief, opening a hydrant without prior approval of the Fire Chief, placing any permanent construction around a hydrant a radius of five feet from it, placing plantings closer than five feet from a hydrant, reconstructing or jamming a hydrant, parking a vehicle within ten feet of a hydrant, or placing any foreign substance upon a hydrant.
(Ord. 2015-69. Passed 12-14-15.)