(a)   Chapters 1426 and 1610 of these Codified Ordinances, and any and all building and fire prevention codes heretofore adopted by Council, are hereby amended and supplemented to add to the requirements of such codes the provision that in all new construction of buildings or structures within the City, and in all existing apartment buildings or motels to be occupied or used by persons for whom sleeping accommodations are provided therein, the owners or developers of such buildings or structures shall install automatic smoke detection and alarm devices and/or automatic smoke and heat detection devices to be located in all sleeping quarters or where otherwise specified by the Fire Division. Owners of apartment buildings or motels shall be granted six months from the effective date of this section (Ordinance 79-72B, passed November 19, 1979) to conform with this section. However, owners and developers of all residential dwelling units of any nature which have not been occupied as yet shall conform immediately to this section prior to any occupancy or the issuance of a certificate of occupancy. Any existing residential structure or dwelling unit which is being remodeled or expanded in the area of its sleeping quarters shall also immediately comply with this section by the installation of such safety devices as a part of such renovation project.
   (b)    If alternating current-operated smoke devices and/or smoke and heat detection devices are used, they shall be wired from the overhead lighting circuit with an electric box suitable for mounting such device, not subject to loss of power by a switch. A restraining means shall be used at the plug-in.
   (c)    All installations shall be made in accordance with the National Fire Codes, the National Electrical Code and any other codes heretofore or hereafter adopted by the City by reference or otherwise. All smoke and/or heat detectors shall be listed with Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Factory Mutual or any other recognized testing laboratory listed in the Ohio Basic Building Code relating to reliability and performance of such devices.
   (d)    All such devices as are required herein shall be maintained by the owner of all such premises set forth in subsection (a) hereof in good working order and responsive to emergency conditions so as to be capable of notifying occupants and invitees of dangerous conditions.
(Ord. 2015-69. Passed 12-14-15.)