The Zoning Map, as contained in this report, is intended to effectuate the Future Land Use Plan. The Future Land Use Plan is thus the primary item of reference in establishment of the proposed districts.
   Certain existing physical features and developments strongly indicated parts of the proposed map. As an example, the Special Residence Districts, Flood Plain District and Lagoon District were, in large measure, already determined by prior developments. All districts were influenced by existing land use. Residential districts were further influenced by historical development, existing lot sizes and proximity to the present center of the City and to major highways.
   Commercial areas were influenced by the purposes they would serve and by the existing highway pattern. The specific type of commercial district used was determined by the need of the area concerned, the needs of the overall City and the existing commercial uses. A separate Study Map was made showing the location and amount of land commercially used. A comparison was then made in tabular form of the amounts of land commercially used, zoned and proposed. The amount of land proposed for commercial zoning by the staff was a large reduction from that currently zoned, but a substantial increase over that currently used.
   Industrial land was located recognizing railroads, highways, existing industrial uses and residential neighborhoods. The separate industrial districts used have been located to take advantage of available facilities and to be in accord with nearby uses.
   It should be noted that the Zoning Map contained in the report, as well as the text, is the result of numerous meetings with the Study Committee. All questions concerning map districts were resolved by a consensus of Committee opinion after a review of staff recommendations. Therefore, map and text proposals shown in this report should not necessarily be construed as being staff recommendations. For example, the staff does not recommend use of the I-U District although it has been included at the Committee's request.
(Ord. 66-103. Passed 12-19-66.)