1268.02 ZONING MAP.
   The districts set forth in Section 1268.01 are bounded as shown on a map entitled “The Official Zoning Map of the City of Vermilion, Ohio”, prepared by Bramhall Engineering and Surveying Company and verified by the City Engineer, bearing the date of May, 1984, subsequent the revisions up through July 2008, and updated December, 2017, and certified on the face thereof by the Clerk of Council and by the Chairperson of the Planning Commission, and signed by the Mayor. Such Map accompanies this Zoning Code, and with all explanatory matters, thereon, is hereby made a part of this Zoning Code by reference. The official custodian on such Map shall be the City Engineer and his or her successors, and the City Engineer and his or her successors shall cause such Map to be amended from time to time and shall attach on the rear portion thereof a legend referring to all official amendments of such Map as enacted by Council in the future.
(Ord. 2018-10. Passed 1-22-18.)