1260.02 PURPOSES.
   This Zoning Code is enacted to preserve and promote the public health, convenience, morals, safety, comfort, prosperity and general welfare and for the following more particularly specified purposes:
   (a)   To protect the character and stability of residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and recreational areas within the City and to promote the orderly development of such areas;
   (b)   To avoid undue concentration of population and to lessen congestion on the streets;
   (c)   To provide adequate open spaces for light and air and to prevent sparse and uncoordinated development;
   (d)   To facilitate the adequate but economical provision of public improvements;
   (e)   To regulate the location, height and bulk of buildings and the use of buildings and land within the City; and
   (f)   To guide and regulate future growth and development of the City for the benefit of its residents. (Ord. 66-103. Passed 12-19-66.)