(a)   Pipe and Fittings. Pipe and fittings shall be vitrified clay, asbestos cement, or polyvinyl chloride material of a strength suitable to withstand the loads applied. The joints shall be gasketed using a compression ring.
   The selected materials, together with the applicable ASTM Specification numbers, shall be indicated on the drawings after conferring with the City Engineer. (Ord. 74-42. Passed 5-6-74.)
   (b)   Manholes. Manholes shall be constructed in accordance with the "Standard Manhole" shown in the State of Ohio, Department of Transportation, Construction and Material Specifications, January 1, 1975 edition, as amended, and the Division of Highways, Bureau of Roadway Design, Standard Construction Drawing, as amended by Council, except where they specifically deviate from other ordinances duly enacted by the City. Precast concrete manholes are preferred. (Ord. 75-72A. Passed 9-8-75.)
   (c)   Pipe Laying. The bedding of No. 8 or 304 limestone or slag shall be placed in such a manner as to assure full support along the lower quadrant of the pipe barrel only and not in the bells. As the pipe is laid, each length shall be checked for alignment and grade. Pipe laying shall proceed upgrade with spigot ends pointing in the direction of flow.
   A defective pipe, or pipe which has had its line or grade disturbed sufficiently to open the joint after laying, shall be taken up and replaced. All open ends in the pipe shall be stoppered. Stoppers shall have the same joints as the sewer pipe and shall be installed in wyes as the work progresses and in the pipe line when the work is not in progress.
   Wye branches shall be installed for each property and a record of actual locations shall be given to the City Engineer so that they may be recorded. All wyes shall be closed with stoppers described above. All house connections shall be made with the same materials and method of installation as herein described for the mains. In new developments, branch lines from main line wyes for house sewers shall be installed from the main to the sideline of the street right of way, at the time of installing the main sewer. (Ord. 76-5. Passed 2-2-76.)