The Planning Commission derives its authority to regulate subdivisions by virtue of the City Charter and in accordance with Ohio R.C. Chapter 711. The Commission is authorized to adopt rules and regulations governing plats and subdivisions of land falling within its jurisdiction.
   Additionally, the Commission has the power to recommend to Council land use variances in the application of both the Subdivision Regulations and the Zoning Code. Such recommendatory variance powers reserved to the Commission shall concern subdivision regulations and general community planning enactments, as applied to specific areas or parcels, so as to vary or permit limited exceptions to previously legislated standards in the interests of justice and to avoid unreasonable hardships and spot zonings. No variance shall be deemed final until authorized by action of Council. Nothing in this section shall be deemed to modify or impair the powers and duties of the Board of Zoning Appeals, but rather to supplement the restriction placed upon the Board by Section 1264.07 regarding the inability of the Board to vary legislated zoning or subdivision regulations.
(Ord. 78-64. Passed 7-17-78.)