(a)   No person shall place or dispose of in any manner any garbage, peelings of fruits or vegetables, waste, rubbish, ashes, cans, bottles, wire, paper, cartons, boxes, parts of automobiles or other vehicles, wagons, furniture, glass, oil or anything of an unsightly or unsanitary nature along or near or on any public or private road, street, parkway, park drive, highway, ditch or any land adjoining any public or private road, highway or ditch, or upon any private property, land or area, except on land provided by a Planning Commission, municipal ordinance or other governmental authority, unless directed to do so by public officials on special clean up days.
   For the purposes of this section, the owner of record of the premises upon which such items are placed or disposed of shall be considered to be prima-facie the person who placed or disposed of those items on the premises.
   (b)   The owner, occupant, or person having the charge of management of any lot or parcel of land situated within the corporate limits shall have 72 hours to dispose of such nuisances. Such owner shall be notified by inspection notice left at the property and/or by written notice sent by regular United States mail to his or her last known address. If compliance is not met within this time period, the City shall have such nuisances removed and properly disposed of, and shall serve upon the owner of the lot or parcel of land, by regular United States Mail to his or her last known address, an invoice for the actual clean up cost of such removal, and a one hundred fifty dollar ($150.00) administrative fee. If all charges and fees are not remitted to the City within thirty days after mailing of such notice, the Building Inspector shall certify the cost to the County Auditor as a lien upon the lot or parcel of land.
   (c)   For each subsequent similar offense within 12 months, such person shall incur all costs and fees associated with clean up of the property and may be guilty of a misdemeanor of the third degree and shall be subject to the penalty provided in Section 698.02.
(Ord. 2008-94. Passed 12-15-08.)