(a)   Whenever any person operates a bicycle in violation of any section of this Traffic Code, the bicycle may be seized by any member of the Police Division and the Chief of Police shall have the authority to impound any bicycle at the Police Station.
   (b)   When any bicycle has been seized and so impounded, notice shall be given forthwith by the officer in charge to the owner of the bicycle or, in the event the person is a minor under the age of eighteen years, to the parent or guardian of the licensee of the bicycle. The notice shall contain a full explanation of the reason for seizing and impounding the bicycle.
   (c)   Any bicycle impounded under this Traffic Code shall be surrendered to the owner or to the parents or guardian of any minor upon a showing of sufficient proof of ownership of the bicycle, and upon paying an impounding fee of five dollars ($5.00), but nothing herein shall relieve the offender of any penalty that may be imposed under Chapter 408 of this Traffic Code.
   (d)   It shall be the duty of the police officer or the person in charge of records to keep in an appropriate book or file the names and addresses of all owners of bicycles impounded, if known. (Ord. 74-63. Passed 7-1-74.)