§ 111.11  SIGNAGE.
   (A)   It shall be unlawful for the owner or operator of any regulated establishment or any other person to erect, construct, or maintain any sign for the regulated establishment other than one primary sign and one secondary sign, as provided herein.
   (B)   Primary signs shall have no more than two display surfaces. Each such display surface shall:
      (1)   Not contain any flashing lights;
      (2)   Be a flat plane, rectangular in shape;
      (3)   Not exceed 75 square feet in area; and
      (4)   Not exceed ten feet in height or ten feet in length.
   (C)   (1)   Primary signs shall contain no photographs, silhouettes, drawings, or pictorial representations of any manner, and may contain only:
         (a)   The name of the regulated establishment; and/or
         (b)   One or more of the following phrases:
            1.   “Adult Bookstore”;
            2.   “Adult Movie Theater”;
            3.   “Adult Cabaret”;
            4.   “Adult Entertainment”; and/or
            5.   “Adult Model Studio”.
      (2)   Primary signs for adult movie theaters may contain the additional phrase, “Movie Titles Posted on Premises”.
   (D)   Each letter forming a word on a primary sign shall be of a solid color, and each such letter shall be the same print type, size, and color. The background behind such lettering on the display surface of a primary sign shall be of a uniform and solid color.
   (E)   Secondary signs shall have only one display surface. Such display surface shall:
      (1)   Be a flat plane, rectangular in shape;
      (2)   Not exceed 20 square feet in area;
      (3)   Not exceed five feet in height and four in width; and
      (4)   Be affixed or attached to any wall or door of the establishment.
(Ord. passed 2-13-1995)  Penalty, see § 10.99