(A)   No open burning of materials deposited in the landfill(s) will be permitted.  Waste brought to the county landfill shall be observed and inspected for prohibited materials.  The hauler may be required to remove unacceptable materials at the discretion of the Landfill Supervisor.
   (B)   The following shall not be acceptable for deposit in the landfill(s):
      (1)   Sludges and other semi-solid fluids;
      (2)   Containers containing unacceptable waste;
      (3)   Logs and large limbs of 4 inches or more in diameter and more than 6 feet in length;
      (4)   Automobile and truck bodies;
      (5)   Metal drums of more than 30 gallons capacity, unless the top and bottom have been removed;
      (6)   Poison of any nature;
      (7)   Hot ashes;
      (8)   Explosives of any kind;
      (9)   Nuclear waste or waste containing radioactive substances; and
      (10)   Tires which are not sliced or quartered.
   (C)   Harmful materials must be separated so they can be disposed of in the proper manner by the producer.
(Ord. 13, passed 7-3-1978)  Penalty, see § 51.99